How to Address Vaginal Dryness?

Life is full of transformation, especially for women. Puberty brings menstruation and fertility and, if chosen, childbirth. At around the age of 40, the body starts to transition again. Irregular periods herald the onset of perimenopause and the cessation of menstruation—the arrival of menopause.

Remember those carefree days when intimacy felt like a velvety whisper? Post-menopause can bring a change, sometimes leaving the “down there” feeling like a parched desert. It’s not just a whisper but rather a silent sandstorm that can make everyday moments uncomfortable and intimacy a distant memory.

Estrogen decline affects everyone uniquely. Fat distribution may change as our body uses energy differently, leading to weight gain. Additionally, it impacts our heart health and bone density, and vaginal tissue can atrophy (become thinner and drier).

This dryness can cause discomfort, irritation and itching. It may also cause painful intercourse and increased vulnerability to vaginal infections. Conservative estimates suggest that one-third to one-half of postmenopausal women experience vaginal dryness and associated symptoms, so you’re not alone.

But don’t settle for that. There’s hope blooming in the desert, whispers of moisture and comfort waiting to be rediscovered. Let’s rewrite the story of your intimate life, one where sensuality thrives, and whispers become a symphony of joy.

How Is Vaginal Dryness Treated?

Various approaches are available to address this:

  • Sexual activity: Physical touch and arousal can naturally increase lubrication.
  • Lubricants: Water-based lubricants can offer immediate relief during intimacy.
  • Vaginal estrogen or low-dose contraceptives: Hormone therapy can restore natural moisture balance.
  • Non-hormonal options: For those who prefer hormone-free solutions, vaginal moisturizers and dietary supplements like Femarelle Unstoppable can be helpful.

Choosing the right approach depends on individual preferences, medical history and desired outcomes. Consulting a healthcare professional can help determine the most suitable option for you.

What Is Femarelle Unstoppable?

This unique botanical blend acts in your body as a hormone-free, selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It helps you deal with bone and vaginal issues that develop following the onset of menopause in a natural manner.* Decades of research and clinical trials back it up: Femarelle supports women within just one month of use, and the benefits keep flowing. Plus, it’s estrogen-free, so zero breast or uterus worries.

What’s in store?

  • Bone health booster*
  • Joint and muscle health*
  • Less anxiety*
  • Less irritability*
  • Better mood control*
  • Boosted sex drive*

Bonus: Femarelle tackles vaginal health, promoting healthy acidity and protecting against unwanted nasties.*

Femarelle Unstoppable is a dietary supplement derived from a unique soy compound (DT56a) with added vitamins D3, calcium, B2 and biotin, providing practical, safe, non-hormonal management of vaginal and urinary health.*

Why Trust Femarelle?

A clinical trial shows that this supplement brings back the moisture and healthy feeling you deserve.

And how does it work? This powerhouse boosts the good stuff: superficial cells, mucus and healthy acidity. Think of it as giving your inner ecosystem a VIP upgrade.

Normal pH for your vagina is like a superhero shield, hovering between 3.8 and 5.0. It’s way lower than boring, neutral 7.0 you learned about in school. Why? This acidity is your secret weapon, stopping bad guys (pathogens) from causing trouble. ️

So, fight the dryness and say hello to happy! This natural solution is your ticket to a more comfortable, confident you.  Don’t wait, click here and give your amazing body the boost it deserves!

How Was the Trial Conducted?

Everyone in the trial had severe vaginal atrophy. The women also reported at least one bothersome symptom, including painful intercourse, soreness, dryness, irritation, bleeding during sex and urinary discomfort.

The trial was FDA guidance-compliant and ran for 12 weeks. Measurements and monitoring continued for another 24 months. Upon trial commencement and completion, physical examinations, vaginal ultrasounds, pap smears, bacterial swabs, pelvic and breast examinations and blood tests were performed.

The doctors observed women during the trial at four-week intervals. Each woman underwent a Bachmann vaginal atrophy assessment (a speculum inserted vaginally to inspect vaginal walls and the cervix). Vaginal pH was tested, and participants completed questionnaires on atrophy symptoms and quality of life (Utian QoL). The QoL questionnaire evaluated health, emotional, sexual and occupational quality of life, as perceived by the women.

What the Trial Discovered

Everyone who took part reported significant improvement after four weeks, which continued throughout the trial. Specifically they reported:

  • Improved acidity (pH) levels, which help fight the development infections.
  • A significant improvement in the maturation Index (MI).
  • Their most bothersome symptom was improved.
  • Moreover, a significant improvement in the overall quality of life (QoL) questions and especially the sexual QoL questions.

Find Science-Supported Relief with Femarelle

Femarelle’s range of natural supplements for menopausal symptoms comes in three transition phase-appropriate, tailored options: Femarelle Rejuvenate for women in perimenopause, Femarelle Recharge for women in their menopause transition and Femarelle Unstoppable for women in their post-menopause stage. Explore our portfolio to discover your Femarelle supplement, and say goodbye to feminine dryness and hello to natural remedies for the best years of your life.